Friday, December 19, 2008


As I wandered through my house this morning, looking at the beautiful decorations... the carefully decorated trees... the wreaths on doors and walls... the shimmering snowflakes hanging in windows... beautifully set dining room table... I was struck by how absolutely we... and I'm talking we as in my family and the royal 'we' as a society... have abandoned the true meaning of the season. Yes, I have an exquisite Italian nativity... but little thought goes into the meaning of each piece as they are carefully positioned in the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement. The infant...angled to best catch the flickering candlelight... has become merely an adornment.

The life-sucking list of herculean tasks to accomplish has obliterated the peace and contentment that should inherently accompany this space of time. I'm ashamed of myself... ashamed of the level of materialism and greed that have ambushed this season in my circle... ashamed that the acquiring has masked the joy of the greatest gift, freely given. I'm ashamed that I've bought into the mindset that says that when December 25th has passed, Christmas will be over.

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