Friday, January 23, 2009


An incredible amount of hype is in the air about change and renewal and recovery for America. I'm thankful for that... but also smart enough to know that nothing happens fast... and trying to settle my spirit in for the long haul. Barack Obama is, in my opinion, the right leader for our nation at this time... but he is still human... and this is still a nation in a giant mess. What may happen nationally will take a substantial amount of time to trickle down to the individual. I must admit that frustration and anger are consuming more of my energies than I would like... oh, and fear... the never-ending fear.

Courage... I WILL fly.


MissKris said...

In almost 35 years of marriage my Dear Hubby and I have been thru a lot of hard bumps in the road along the way. Thankfully...blessedly...there have been more positives than negatives by a long margin. Even so, we've been thru unemployment. A major surgery for my hubby when he had a kidney removed at age 23. Two surgeries for me this past year. It's the inner strength that gets you thru these things but, most importantly, the grace of God. I appreciated your comments so much on my blog. I really enjoyed my visit here. I especially loved your Mark Twain very, very true!

D.E.BECKER said...

We have similar problems in England - I wish you well Tess! We've found an alternative way to survive now the children have gone through college, hope you do too.