Friday, November 27, 2009

Teal Heels

The teal heels knew they were not intended for a closet life ... after all, stunning is what stunning does. A toe peeped out of the limo, the slim ankle swiveling to get a feel for the city sidewalk ... and a long sleek leg followed it into the spotlight. Spotlight, kleig lights, there were paparazzi all over the place ... the way it goes when legends make comebacks ... in teal heels, no less. Hell, the heels WERE the freaking legend and had been from the first moment they sashayed past the threshold, generating a gasp heard round the world. Teal heels, you see, are not run-of-the-mill or standard fare, but always are quite, quite rare ... cobbled more so by the diamonds glitter edged into the here and there on the heels savoir faire. The spats mused with disdain as the glamour girl smiled and waved ... diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but these heels had damn well MADE this girl.

An Absolutely*Kate/Tess Collaboration ~ Originally published at 6S


Mulled Vine said...

Sizzling in it's glamour!!

I sometimes (only sometimes, mind you) wish that we blokes were allowed to wear some of the things you ladies get away with! :)

Bukowski's Basement said...

I love it when a legend makes a comeback... Good one.

Loree said...

Ah teal heels. I would love to wear some of those.