Saturday, August 6, 2011


Joanna smiled as the sound of laughter radiated down the hallway and into her room; she tried to remember the last time she had heard this kind of spontaneous, unpracticed joy and was both shocked and saddened to realize that nothing came to mind. How had she allowed her life to become so barren, so empty of the things that made her heart the happiest? When had she become content with the status quo and more willing to exist than to live? When had making the perfect salad become more of a priority than dancing in the rain? When had getting dressed for him become more important than wearing her favorite sneakers?

She shook the questions from her head and headed toward the source of the laughter, the smile easing its way across her face, awakening the twinkle in her eye.

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Robert Morschel said...

Really lovely. Never forget to dance in the rain and do puddle jumping.