Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lizard Envy

Today, outside my kitchen window, a tiny lizard scampered across the wall … running for the broad, flat ledge where he now peacefully sleeps in the sun, the light reflecting a rainbow of color from his scaly skin. How content he seems, absorbing the warmth of the brick beneath and the sun above. I envy him; here in this backyard, he is reasonably safe from predators – no cares except the search for the occasional fly to fill his stomach or a water drop to quench his thirst. I wonder if he knows the world beyond these boundaries – the world where cars speed by on the freeways and snakes gobble little critters like him. I hope not; I hope that this oasis of hibiscus and orange blossoms and bougainvillea is the only home he knows. Mostly, I hope he visits my window again.

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