Monday, March 2, 2009


Sustainable anger? Why does it seem to be lacking from my repertoire of emotions? Why does any small measure of anger I might be able to breathe to life quickly melt away into nothingness? Is it that nothing in my life matters enough to nourish the emotion? Definitely not. Is it a reflection of thing things in my life... or my life itself... or myself? Do I not care about specific things... or do I just not care? Is it apathy... depression... coldness... lacking... what?!? Why on earth can I not just be mad as hell when I want to be?!?


Absolutely*Kate said...

Be mad as hell, Tess.
(I won't tell). (promise)
~ Absolutely*Kate

Tess said...

Dearest Kate... you are adored... absolutely!

Scarlett Rose said...

ooo, I agree with the Sunshine Lady. Be mad. Be crazy. Do your homework though.