Monday, March 30, 2009

Bed Mates

We lie amid the rumpled sheets and blankets, he and I, drowsily content, the warmth of his body next to mine. Brown eyes meet blue ones with a steady gaze, peering deep into my very being, losing me in their unspoken words ... then close into a restful peace. His body lies like a gentle shield across mine, protecting me from shadows and demons that wander the night. The breathing of my loved one creates a soothing cadence that quiets my soul, whispering a soothing lullaby. My hand lifts to stroke the whiskered face, caressing, taking comfort from the touch, dropping to rest on the warmth of his back as I fall into a tranquil slumber.

One thought fills my mind as I drift away … I love this dog.


Lissa said...

This was just the best way to start my day. So beautiful and tickled my funny bone as well.

Marti said...

My favorite part was re-reading it after knowing how it ended. Amazingly accurate!

Cat said...

Loved this Tess!!