Saturday, May 23, 2009


No one can give away something that they don’t have… and there’s no fault in not having. The fault is in demanding anything of anyone else… especially when your heart knows that it just isn’t there. Life has dealt different hands to each of us… and we each start out with an inherent operating mode imbedded in our souls… which means that we all play the hands that we’re dealt differently. I don’t buy into the ‘blank slate/tabula rasa’ theory. But I DO believe that regardless of what our slate starts out embedded with… it CAN be ‘scraped clean’ ... which is actually the literal translation of the phrase ‘tabula rasa’. We can learn new modes of operation… new ways of thinking… new methods of processing life. But we can only do that for ourselves… we can’t force that on anyone else… and we can’t do it for anyone else.

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Anonymous said...

I like this, Tess. But then again, I like EVERYTHING you write. I particularly like and agree with the first two sentences.

The part I have not yet been able to wrap my brain around personally (meaning in life, not your blog lol) is about 'scraping the slate clean.' I do like the use of scraping, tho, as it denotes - wait - I think that word DOES make it something I can see. Okay, I get it! wow...

Never mind.