Monday, May 18, 2009

He Says

He says that she’s funny and smart and that she makes him believe in himself again.

I stare through tears at the photos thrown across the tabletop… private moments captured now lying exposed in the kitchen light.

He says he didn’t know he could feel so alive.

She is beautiful… with a body that would make angels sing and demons dance… a body that molds perfectly against his… a body that fits where I used to fit.

He says he loves her.

Poor girl.


Laurita said...

Such a quick, ruthless, stab of pain. The last line is brilliant.

Cat said...

poor girl indeed!!

Michael Solender said...

oh to offer and be judged!

Kevin Michaels said...

Another excellent gem. Heart- break and angst weaved beautifully in a powerful six sentences.

Scarlett Rose said...

this is beautiful Tess. Love it.