Friday, June 12, 2009

Broken Dreams

I certainly don’t remember submitting a request order for heartache. I’m convinced that had I requested such a thing I would definitely remember it … and probably be due for my next dose of medication … but surely remember it. Yet, here it is, in all its blustering, suffocating hugeness … sucking the air from my lungs, the color from my life, the warmth from even the sun.

Clearly this is a free gift bestowed by a humorless god in need of entertainment for his dreary life on Mt Olympus or in Asgard or wherever deities with too much time on their hands reside. Perhaps there was fine print there in the contract, disregarded in the eagerness and joy of surrender, overlooked by a heart already captured by joy … a heart that would have scoffed at the warning, no matter how large the print.

Broken hearts … those are doable … it’s the broken dreams that humble you.


Karlee.KayAnn.Barnes said...

My dear Tess,

I hope with a full heart that this absolute fiction, but I'm thinking that this is/was a part of your "awful, awful week". T_T

We should talk.
I worry about you. already. :-/

*big hugs*

Tess said...

Aw, Sweetie ... it's fiction ... even older fiction. But thank you so much for the hugs ... hugs are always good. :)

Crybbe666 said...

Sad but unfortunately true. Tess, I think you should stop accepting free gifts from gods of Olympus....maybe stick to gifts you can touch. And always read the fine print....ALWAYS!!!!

Michael Solender said...

broken hearts only grow bigger and stronger as they heal..nice write tess

Craig Daniels said...

I'm in the minority I'm sure, always accept gifts from the gods, even if they hold the fine print behind their backs. The color that comes from those gifts is worth all the pain and more.

Nice piece Tess, thanks for sharing.

Tess said...

Well, Craig ... we'll just hang out here in the minority seats together. Never miss the ride, no matter what the fine print says!