Saturday, June 6, 2009


How does one explain the moving on … explain that it isn’t remotely about wanting to leave … that there are no greener pastures?

How do you explain that your heart is screaming to stay – to love one more day, to break one more time?

How do you explain that without this abiding passion your life takes on the terrain of a barren desert?

How do you explain the terror of waking alone in a bed meant for entwined bodies?

How do you explain that even with the leaving, the loving remains?

How do you begin to explain that without the leaving you lose yourself?


Scarlett Rose said...

I am sad that you wrote this on your birthday :(

It's beautiful - the emotions you capture in your words are just spectacular.

If I was there, you'd be getting a giant hug.

love you (:


Crybbe666 said...

Agree with Miss Scarlett, this is a beautiful piece, heartfelt and emotionally wrought....perfect, if you know what I mean :)