Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rocking the World

You've traveled the world, leaving it rocking in your wake, doing impressive things, creating a better place in both small and large ways. You've left markers behind as witnesses that you were there.

You smile at my efforts, underestimate my capabilities, humor me when doing so will avoid conflict. Your list of places seen and contacts made is far more diverse than mine. I am regarded as secondary - an accessory.

I've rocked cradles, kissed boo-boo's, untangled hair and sat through innumerable soccer games, dance recitals, teacher conferences and late night conversations. Today, two amazing young people are determining their own paths, choosing the way the footsteps will fall. One is driven by ambition and fierce determination, grounded on a bottom line that always puts the people in his life first. The other has a heart that is drawn to people with empty places in their souls, empty places longing for a touch like hers. Day after day, she gives - and the giving fills her up - leaving her with a magic sparkle that pulls others into her orbit.

Smile at me ... even laugh at me. The world is rocking in my wake and will be for decades to come ... when your name has been long forgotten.


Craig Daniels said...


Karlee.KayAnn.Barnes said...

I have no clue who you're referring to, but, I like them, I like them already. :]

this is great. :]

Scarlett Rose said...

Definitely intense ... it makes me feel sad. And angry at that person, mainly due to the accessory thing. What a crap way to feel.

YOU have done an incredible, amazing job with your life ... with your children ... with decisions you have made.

I love that you can turn your back on problems ... stand on them and conquer them and don't let them take over your life.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. x

aminah said...

I like this....brilliant x

Laurita said...

Tess, you express these things in such delicate ways. I heard this, felt it, lived it - and loved your words.

Cat said...

Tess this pulses with a beat, it is intense and white hot at the same time.