Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Without A Heart

She had lived with the heart of a romantic for years, always believing, always hoping.

He promised that he would allow nothing to take that from her.

She believed … she hoped … she loved. And for a moment, she glimpsed the magic.

Then he took it from her.

Now she lives without a heart and she knows romance is make-believe.

Originally Published at Six Sentences


Barry J. Northern said...

Hi, Tess. This is great. I've not been looking at 6S for a while, so thanks for sharing on your blog, which is now in my blogroll on http://barryjnorthern.blogspot.com and in my Google Reader!

Mulled Vine said...

She should pull hard on the heart strings and wrest it back from him so she can give it to another.

Tess said...

Mulled ... you are absolutely right ... she should! If only it were as easily accomplished as it sounds! Because you know ... somewhere out there ... there's someone who deserves it :)