Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. Sometimes there are so many good choices that they just won’t all fit into one life. The choosing of one thing by default means the sacrifice of another. All of the options are valuable and worthy and positive by nature… but totally incompatible with one another. And any of the choices means that a life is lived out to its completion without the presence of those sacrificed.

I know all of the talk of karma and balance and serendipity and all those concepts. I even buy into the general idea. But why must the hurt be there? Why could those options that don’t fit just not be presented? Why is there some cosmic need for loss? Why must even the best of things be accompanied by the grief of those things left behind? Why can the scales not be balanced by an invisible hand… without our having to carry the weight of all of the ‘might have beens’?

There is no choice that doesn’t involve loss…. none.

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